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Dec 7, 2019

James Holt and Inez Hargaden are your spotlight artistes this week. Multi-intrumentalist James Holt transcends to Indie-pop greatness with his newest single release Little Green Light. This song has clearly everything it needs to break James Holt into the higher echelons of music makers. In quite stark contrast to James Holt's toe tapping track is the gentle sounds of Inez Hargaden. Inez's bell like clarity vocal delivery with plaintive guitar melodies is reminiscent of faraway singer/songwriter tunes. However, there's a newness and fresh breeze running right the way through her song.

Moving on through the show despite Tobin's hangover, we meet Winston Surfshirt. This causes a sense of disagreement in the studio as the two boys try to reach some common ground. Agreed the title of the band is epic, but the vocals at least cause some division. It's New Music so there's a saving grace that Richard may warm to Winston Surfshirt in future.

Dillon is our bookend artist for this week and opens with the classic tune Hey Beau. Tobin fills in the gaps about this photography student-cum-excellent musician. Furthermore, Tobin introduces us to Sleepertrain which proves so inspirational to Richard that he has gone and listened to the whole EP. In addition to listening to it, he's recommending it. So Tobin has better luck with his music choices this week after surviving a recent grudge match with Richard.

As if that lot wasn't enough to satiate even the most voracious musical appetite, we include Venezuelan legend Daniel Grau. The father of jazzanova is back after a thirty year hiatus with the epic El Magic Mundo de Daniel Grau. Our choice off of this essential recording is Andromeda. Listen to the show to find out what we think of this future classic. Plus, next week we have some very big news to announce on the show. So, settle in with this week's show before the storm arrives.