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Jan 18, 2020

Creature and the Woods are playing from off of the vinyl this week. In fact, it's a Wax Time Special with Mario Monterosso spinning in the studio as well. We've got two tracks from Creature and the Woods, both off different albums. Firstly, we play Holy Hell off of the beautiful cyan and multicolour spatter vinyl copy of Rise, thanks to Blind Owl Records - you can get your copy here. Secondly, we finish off the show with Two Golden Coins from their J-Tree 4 track EP. It's a beautiful presentation with all 4 songs on side A, side B is completely empty and unusual for that fact.

Our second wax track this week is from old friends Black & Wyatt Records in Memphis. It's the suitably authentic Mario Monterosso with his cover of Steady Girl by The Heathens. Keen eared listeners will recall that this was possibly the first ever garage track ever recorded. Well, here's Mario's take on it, with more than just a smattering of rockabilly vibes.

Of course Jamie provides us with another class track from The Mysterines. We have a belting Listener Recommendation in the form of The Unthanks and their woeful tale of conjugal infidelity. Listener Avenda certainly has excellent taste if this is anything to go by. Tobin has New Music for y'all this week, along with a couple of other tracks from Big Thief and William Tyler. Yeah, it's all good, but it's all about Mario Monterosso and Creature and the Woods spinning on vinyl this week.