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Apr 5, 2019

So, Richard's father stops by the studio this week and stays for the duration of the show (the wine must have been good). We are bookended this week with Noosa, an enchanting songstress of the highest order. Her sweet vocals mesmerise us and we all get carried away to a distant soundscape for a while. Such is the gravitas of her music, or should that be Noosic? We've also got a play from Sheffield's finest The Suncharms with their shoegaze masterpiece Film Soundtrack

Having 2 vinyl plays this show marks out this episode from the rest. Tobin and Old Man get a bit confused with geography with the play direct from the white vinyl of God Bless the Ottoman Empire.

Record Box Classic and second vinyl play of the show is the mastermind of Mark E Smith, his effervescent band The Fall. Syd the Kid and Beats International (the second Record Box Classic of the show) round everything out and fill in the cracks. Thanks for joining us. Until next week, keep smiling.